UtenteFolle said...

Moana died in 1994, and it's true. after 2005, the world discover that she have a segret sons, simone.
She's not only a pornostar, she represent, in the italy of the 80's a sort a prophet, a maddalena, a rebel against, the church, the rules of this time.
she was picked, refined elegant, and in a position to speaking well also in politics contest.
now she's a myth, a myth of rebellion, of liberty and indipendence
sorry for my terrible english


At 11:36 da tarde, Blogger fgs said...

conheço bem a moana pozzi. tenho vários filmes com ela.

At 1:38 da tarde, Anonymous Restless Legs Syndrome said...

That was a VERY interesting one! Seriously interesting.s


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